Astrological Readings

Most of my services I can only do in person, however, I can interpret astrological charts without physically being with the person in question. For an astrological reading, I can give you an extensive written document about yourself, your loved ones, your relationships, and your future areas of challenge or opportunity. If you order transits, I can also give you shamanic remedies to help you make the most of your future situations. Each interpretation is approximately ten pages, perhaps more.

What I can’t do with an astrological reading: Check your energy, your spiritual destiny, what Gods may or may not be bothering you, gauge your sanity, prescribe herbs, do spells for you, or tell you how to win the lottery. For all but the last item, you need to have an in-person reading done. For the last item, call a phone psychic.

Why am I charging money for these readings, when I’m only allowed to do in-person shamanic readings for barter? Because I am allowed to charge money for things that I make and craft, including writing, and you’re paying for all the hours I’ll be putting in writing up your information in a clear and understandable manner. If you came to my office in person with a tape recorder, and I just talked and never had to touch a keyboard, the fee would be fixed by my usual barter rules. If that is what you’d prefer, please see my Policies for Shamanic Readings.

If you cannot come for a reading in person and would like to order an astrological reading, fill out the relevant parts of the following form.

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Personal Natal Charts: $50 each

This gives detailed information about one person, covering the placements of planets in signs and houses, and the aspects between them. It can be done for anyone whose complete birth information you have. If you do not have an exact time of birth, I may not be able to interpret houses.

(city & state)

 Yes, more than five minutes possible inaccuracy.

Comparison/Composite Charts: $100

This gives detailed information about how two people’s charts relate to each other (comparison) and about the relationship between the two people (composite). You must provide the time and place of birth for both people. These can be done for a romantic relationship, family members, professional relationship, or friends. The potential for a new relationship with a specific person can also be explored. You must order a Personal Natal Chart for at least one of the people, and ideally for both. (Composite charts can also be done for three or more people. Please contact me for more information on that.)

(city & state)

 Yes, more than five minutes possible inaccuracy.

Do a Personal Natal Chart for this person. (additional $50)

Transits: $20 per chart

This gives detailed information about future challenges and opportunities facing one person, and can examine astrological factors that may have been involved in shaping recent events in that person’s life. A transit can also be done for a relationship, if a Composite chart has been ordered. You must order a Natal chart for the person whose transits are being calculated.

Person #1
Person #2

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Any additional information about the situation, and any specific questions you’d like answered.

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If you will pay by credit card or PayPal, an invoice will be sent to you with payment instructions once your information has been reviewed. If you will pay by check, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Readings may take up to a month to complete.

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