If You Think You Need My Help

If you want a shamanic reading, herbal work for your health, shamanic energy work, or counseling on any subject, and you can come in person to my office at 244 Walton St. in Fitchburg, MA, then first please read my policies on shamanic readings and email me at cauldronfarm@hotmail.com.

I do not do readings long distance. If it is really that important, and you really think I’m the only person for the job, you will find a way to come to me. (My office is one mile from a regional commuter rail train station, not in outer Mongolia.) I do not offer counseling on anything spiritual, shamanic, or energy-related over Internet or phone. However, I will do astrological readings over the Internet, which can help with such things as self-knowledge, relationship issues, and short-term life decisions.

I can answer general questions via email, but if you want to know what I have to say on a topic I have written a book about, read the book. If you’ve read the book, and have questions, you can email me, but many questions are difficult to answer via email. Please note that I do not carry on lengthly email correspondences with people.

Over email, I cannot tell you…

  • …anything specific about your destiny, karma, spiritual path, etc..
  • …what to do about your major (or minor) life decisions.
  • …the meaning of your dreams/visions.
  • …whether you have certain spiritual gifts.
  • …if there is anything unusual or problematic about your energy body.
  • …which Gods are talking to you, or whether you are getting the message right.
  • …what to do about the thing that materialized in your living room, or whether it is real.

If you have a question about something that isn’t on that list, then you can email me, but it might be a month or more before I have time to get back to you. I am very busy and I get many, many emails per week, many of them from insane people.

If you have a question, state it clearly. Be specific. I do not carry on lengthly email correspondences with people.

Please do not send me an email with a 10-page version of your life story out of nowhere. Send me an email with a short question (under 250 words) and ask if it is appropriate to send me the long background. If I tell you to go ahead and send me your extensive issue, please end your writing with a clear and succinct list of the actual questions/issues you need help with. They should not be about any of the above-mentioned things.

If you want to be my student…

I do not teach any of my skills online or long distance. If you want to learn anything from me, you’ll have to make arrangements with me to come here, and you’ll have to pay me in some way. If money is not available, I am happy to take labor, but you have to actually work and be useful. If you have no skills that are at all useful to me, you are unlikely to have skills needed to make use of the techniques you want to learn.

I will teach a 1-2 hour workshop on a topic to nearly anyone, but actually taking someone on as as my student or apprentice is a huge commitment of my time and energy. You need to make it worth my while, and convince me you are a good investment.

Students must show initiative, and be motivated to study and practice on their own. Motivating you to learn is not my job. Convincing you that these techniques are valuable is not my job.

If I wrote a book on whatever it is you want to learn from me, read the book. If the book has exercises or techniques, actually practice them for a significant period of time. Then contact me, tell me what you have done, and where you want to go from there.

Training takes time, and is hard work. I cannot make it easier just because you think it is unfair for it to be so hard or take so long.

I will not train you in spirit work if the spirits aren’t interested in you. I can attempt to discern why the spirits aren’t interested in you, and what you might do to attract their attention, but if they aren’t interested, that is the end of it. That said, many of the techniques I teach are not “spirit work” per se, and can be learned by anyone with aptitude.

Many questions can be answered through my existing writings, without contacting me: