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Leather Spirit Stallion

(Circlet Press, 2014)

“Veteran erotica author Raven Kaldera brings together Mongolian religion and myth, the struggle to find a balance between tradition and modernity, and (of course) plenty of hot kinky sex in this gay BDSM erotic romance.

Erlik Solongo is a buu, a Mongolian shaman who is heir to a spiritual tradition going back thousands of years. Following that tradition in modern-day California has its challenges, though: Erlik’s shamanic forebears probably didn’t have to balance the demands of the spirits with the financial and academic woes of grad school, much less with forays into a gay BDSM scene that’s not always friendly to dominant Asian men.

His shamanic abilities have their upside too, though: when a crazed gunman shows up on campus, Erlik turns out to be the only one in a position to stop him, saving the life of a young man named Paj. Instantly drawn to one another, Erlik and Paj soon tumble into a sexual relationship that might have the potential to become something more serious. But Erlik wants a relationship he can be open about, while Paj worries about his traditionally-minded family’s disapproval.” —Buy Leather Spirit Stallion at Amazon.

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Extraordinary Deviations

(Circlet Press, 2014)

“The common conception of gender is turned on its head in these eight sensual stories by longtime Circlet Press author Raven Kaldera. From the ancient Roman Empire to the virtual-reality-filled future to fantasy worlds filled with fae creatures, these stories follow people (and other beings) who are transgender, intersex, androgynous, or otherwise beyond the gender binary in their exciting and often kinky erotic adventures. In these stories, a woman becomes the lover of a deity who comes to her through the bodies of people who are more than simply men or women; a would-be superhero with a less-than-useful mutation seduces an androgynous shapeshifter with ambiguous loyalties; a woman inherits some strange artifacts from a witchy great-aunt and, with them, a startling and transformational family legacy; and more. Combining love, worship, power, and gratification, these encounters are surprising and challenging-and, of course, always sexy.” Buy Extraordinary Deviations at Amazon.


Best Transgender Erotica

edited by Raven Kaldera & Hanne Blank
(Circlet Press, 2002)

Best Transgender Erotica brings together twenty stories by writers of every gender. The first book to celebrate exclusively gender-bending, -crossing, and -breaking sexuality through erotic fiction, Best Transgender Erotica includes representations of many forms of `trans` identity. Whether blurring the line between masculine and feminine, or making the transition from female to male, or vice versa, these characters (and authors) had to put on their sexiest, most alluring, heart-racing show in order to make the cut. Including selections from Thomas Roche, Saachi Green, Todd Belton, Simon Sheppard, M. Christian, and many more of today`s best-known erotica writers, Best Transgender Erotica follows on the smashing success of Best Bisexual Erotica, which was released in 2000. Buy Best Trans Erotica at Amazon